The Other Guys (TOG) PENNYWISE 2008 Petite Sirah

Submitted by Tom Hatch – March 2011

I was out wine shopping recently and brought home this great find. For under $10 a bottle, we were pleasantly surprised at how nice this wine is. Definitely recommend the pennywise 2008 Petite Sirah to all our friends.

The Other Guys Web Site Tasting Notes
With deep purple color, this wine has an exotic aroma of blackberries and smoky bacon which draws you further into the glass. The first sip shows you Petite Sirah’s silky fruit forward flavors of black raspberry, strawberry, and candied blueberries. The second sip shows you the depth of this wine, with notes of tobacco leaf, French roast coffee, and blackberry compote smuggling even more fruit that shines throughout this blend. This is a brilliant berry explosion that holds its ground with round tannins, bacon nuances, and rich French oak. 
Our 2008 Petite Sirah blend is the collaboration of two lots from the heart of Lodi. The Petite Sirah came off the vine bursting with flavor and incredible color. This lot was almost too fruit forward (if there is such a concept) and needed the depth from a neighboring Syrah lot to add some structure to the blend. The result is all the berry fruit you can handle with enough depth and tannin to stand up to a number of different cuisines.

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